What are Stolen CC?

Stolen CC (credit card) “CVVis someone’s credit card account, but for some insecure reasons, hackers can get information about the cards, then use it to buy things online and payers are Cardholders have been exposed to such information (usually hackers get information from the data systems of stores, supermarkets, where they save the data of their customers and are taken by hackers).

What are CVV Fullz?

CVV Fullz is a slang term used by credit card hackers and data resellers to mean packages full of personally identifiable information. CVV Fullz usually contain an individual name, credit card information, social security number, date of birth, mother’s primary name, driver’s license, account number and other data. CVV Fullz is sold to identity thieves who use them in credit scams.

What are CC dumps?

A credit card Dumps is an unauthorized digital copy of the information contained in the magnetic strip of an active credit card, which can be stolen via skimming, a point-of-sale device infected with malware, or a data breach such as the card number and expiration date. The information can then be used to create a fake credit card to make purchases. CC Dumps are selling on the black market including Track 1 & Track 2 data.

Magnetic stripes on payment cards–sometimes called “magstripes” for short–are divided into three tracks of data which are encoded directly to the magstripe. Only Track 1 and Track 2 are actively used in payment card processing. Track 3 is rarely used and may not always be present on a card.

What are 101 and 201 Dumps?

What is the difference between 101 and 201 dumps? so a 101 dumps can be used in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions. so 201 dumps can be use in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions BUT CHIP VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE!

What are Dumps Pin?

Dumps with Pin are a fraudulent language to get raw information on the magnetic stripe of the card including the Card’s Pin and can be retrieved in a variety of ways, including the physical skimming of the credit card, capturing the data through a point-of-sale device that has been infected with malware, or hacking into a retailer’s internal network.


Track2: 5438053520374362=02181010000070200000
PIN : 9935
Card Type : MASTER
Card Level: Standard
Country : USA

What are Cloned ATM credit card Pin?

  •   Cloning, also called skimming, is the copying of credit or debit card info to a new card.
  • The card information is stolen at the credit card terminal using software or electronic device and copied onto a new card.
  • Swiping the credit card through the device copies the information held on the magnetic strip into memory. That information can subsequently be copied to a counterfeit card, complete with security holograms.
  • Any type of bank card that has a magnetic stripe can be cloned. This includes credit cards, debit cards and normal ATM cards.
  • Chip cards, or EMV cards, were created to prevent cloning.
  • This cloned card can then be used to make purchases at point of sale devices and (where the customer’s personal identification number [PIN] has also been obtained) to make withdrawals from Automated teller machines (ATM)

What are Hacked PayPal balance account?

Hacked PayPal balance account is information (usually including Email and Password) used to log into the PayPal system that has been stolen by hackers from personal or business users. In an account that has a balance that PayPal users have available, hackers can use this balance to buy or sell items online or perform for other fraudulent programs.

What are Bank login account?

Bank Login Account (also known as online Banking or e-banking) is a service that banks provide to customers through the Internet to make query information about account, money transfer, Bill Payment , open online accounts, register open cards, online loan subscriptions,… On the bank’s website at any Internet access point and at any time without bank counters.

Hackers after stealing this information from the victims used to log in and use bank tricks to steal money from users.

What are Skimmers?

ATM skimmers are devices that are placed on the ATM or malware software installed on the ATM operating system, which appears to be part of the machine. People hardly know the difference unless they keep an eye on security, or the poor quality skimmer.

There are a few types of devices that hackers use for ATM skimming:

  • Card reader overlays: These plastic devices fit over the slot where you insert your card. They steal and store your card data when you put your card in them.
  • Hidden cameras: These are usually very tiny and can be placed on or around an ATM to hep thieves keep an eye on the area and capture PINs.
  • PIN-capture overlays: These fake keypads fit over an ATM’s actual keypad to capture PINs.
  • ATM faceplates: These overlays fit over the entire ATM faceplate and can contain everything from card readers to keypad overlays to hidden cameras.

What are Shipper & Dropper?

Shipper is the person who made the order through the online store. They are more experienced in credit card fraud, they only perform actions on the computer, the orders will be sent to the Dropper address.

Dropper is the recipient that helps shipper, they may be in common country or in another country. Why need dropper? Some shop don’t accept shipping to shipper country should need droppers. Dropper can receive calls or related confirmation from the store owner for shipper or make shipping name, for example shipper use the card from the USA, the address received also from the USA it seems valid rather than the delivery address in India

What are TOR?

Tor “The Onion Router” is a free and open source Browser that is located on the Quantum core of Firefox browser. Tor is a computer software that removes traces and hides the IP address of the Internet access machine when sending or receiving information over the Internet, implementing an onion-based routing protocol.

How to buy Bitcoin & other Crypto?

There are several ways you can buy bitcoin including:

  • Use Bitcoin exchange
  • Browse a P2P Directory
  • Use Bitcoin ATM

For more specific information, please visit: bitcoin.org/en/buy

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