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ATM Skimmer for Sale!
We are glad to be the first team that will introduce on Coke24h the new series of ATM Malware.
They have been designed and rewritten to source by our team and them not an old commercial product, you definitely won’t find it anywhere !!
Our contact information will be provided included in the package after we receive your order.
We have ATM malware for collecting data card stolen from the user, and also all kinds of ATM malware for distributes cash.
The kinds of malware that can infect an ATM include the following:
– Malware that has to be installed through USB, by physically accessing the machine.
– Malware that can be installed remotely after compromising the bank network.
– Malware that makes the ATM dispense all of its money bills.
– Malware that can steal the users’ card details from the ATMs.
As a virtual skimming device that attempts to steal bank card numbers and details of the account and owner details stored on stripes from tracks 1 and 2 can also try to steal user’s Pins by retrieving the encrypted pad encryption keys from the system.
The ATM malware for distributes cash will allow you to get all the money from the ATM.
You will get 3 Software:
1. TO check ATM balance in the 4 Cassette
2. TO make the ATM cash out all the money
3. TO calculate cod from program 2, in software interface 2 you have cod, you will need to enter that cod into software 3 and software 3 will calculate and give you the answer to enter the question. Answered cod in the software interface 2 and press the button then all the money will start out
The software is easy to use, you don’t need to be an expert. What you need to get started is just a CD-ROM drive; USB Flash Drive; USB Cable (Male Female); USB hub; Wireless keyboard; a Laptop or Tablet
For its installation, you simply have to access the USB ports or CD-ROM drive of the ATM.
You will receive steps for users through how to empty an ATM. You will get instructions and detailing how one can acquire the cash-dispensing codes, etc. The instructions even offer advice on how to minimize the chances of getting caught. Sections of the manual include how to check how to many banknotes are inside the ATM, and installing the malware itself on documents + videos with the active software after purchased. These instructions are manual and we will answer your questions.
The software works in any country in the world and on any ATM model, it can be a small ATM and large ATM. For small ATMs to access USB PORT will be easier, but ATMs on the Wall will be a bit different.
The software is definitely not detected by any antivirus software and everything will working like a charm
Don’t contact us to work on % with you because we will not!


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ATM Malwares New Version 2020 For Sale – Daily Updating List!

What is ATM Malware?

ATM malware is malicious software designed to compromise automated teller machines (ATMs) by exploiting vulnerabilities in the machine’s hardware or software. ATM malware is used to commit a crime known as “jackpotting” in which attackers install malware that forces ATMs to dispense large amounts of cash on command. ATM malware can also be used to steal financial information captured at ATM terminals, such as payment card numbers and PIN codes.

How are ATMs infected?

The installation of ATM malware typically requires physical access to an ATM via the machine’s USB port or CD-ROM drive. However, some advanced attacks involve compromising the bank’s internal network in order to install malware on ATMs without physical access.

Selling Now!


Ploutus malware used by several cashiers to empty ATMs through an external keyboard attached to the machine or via SMS message.
It is a standard ATM-dispensing malware; attackers use this to empty ATM without a card.


It will simply empty the safe of ATMs. Alice directly connects with CurrencyDispenser1, upon entering correct PIN it opens operator panel which shows the cassettes were money loaded.


It is a self-paced where the threat actors provide manuals, details such as the required equipment, targeted ATMs models, as well as tips and tricks for the malware’s operation.
This type of malware does not affect bank customers directly; it is intended for the theft of cash from specific vendor ATMs.


It targets Eastern European countries. It is a timely malware to be operated on specific periods.
Attackers need to gain physical access to the ATM to infect them with Tyupkin malware, once the machine infected it disables all the network connections, even if the administrators spotted the suspicious activity it is not possible to shut down.


It is the first skimmer malware designed to steal bank card numbers and details of the account and owner details stored on the magnetic stripe attached to the real payment terminals so that they can harvest data from every person that swipes their cards.
Hackers place skimmer that includes a camera, over the built-in customer-facing security camera in ATMs and angles them toward ATM PIN pad to record the user’s PIN.


It monitors incoming messages and intercepts attacker-generated fraudulent transaction requests to prevent them from reaching the switch application that processes transactions.
It contains logic that generates one of three fraudulent responses to fraudulent transaction requests.
Fastcash reads all incoming network traffic looking for ISO 8583 messages and the primary account number.

* We will have detailed descriptions and instructions for each type so that you can work successfully.

* Our project also includes different types of malware: ATMii, ATMitch, GreenDispenser, Prilex, RIPPER, SUCEFUL… We will update the information as soon as possible and you can order them later!

Additional information


Ploutus, Skimer, Tyupkin(Padpin), Alice, Cutlet, Fastcash





  1. Keshia

    Love it easy download no problems, just make sure they know to run it as a portable software and not install and it works instantly

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    Was a gift for our team . We got it quickly and had no problems . we checked last night and some worked beyond imagination with the sum of money in 2 ATMs . Thanks for the support always from the supplier! 10 Stars AAAAA

  3. David

    Easy It works as intended . Our job now is not to count the money but we spend most of our time finding the best ATMs to act on, hopefully you are always up to date with the latest releases we want to own. Put a lot of faith from you guys! Thanks

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    Prompt delivery Quick and easy Received the package in full documents in minutes and was able to use it right away without any problem. Worked like a charm

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