What's A Cool Internal Tool You've Built For Your Company?

Ask HN: What’s a cool internal tool you’ve built for your company?



Ask HN: What’s a cool internal tool you’ve built for your company?


  1. weitzj

    A remote monitoring library for mobile devices and a collector service, which ingests the data.

    The devs can collect metrics and logs on iOS and Android, and send it To the collector service, which will put the data into Prometheus and Elasticsearch.

    This helps staying PCI DSS compliant and also ensures the app release cycles are not impacted by third party monitoring libraries, which might not support all iOS/Android versions we need to support.

  2. johndavid9991

    I manage 30+ employees, which includes at least 20 software engineers. My team and I eventually built an Employee and Project management software that addresses pain points of managing multiple teams and multiple projects. We don't use JIRA/ASANA or other third party HR tools. We are currently refining these tools for other companies to use also, especially this time of COVID-19.

  3. mattbgates

    We just needed something to keep track of how long it took us to do a job so I built a simple tool to keep track of time, update time, make notes, log entries, and even add teams so you can see what everyone is working on. Feel free to use it and report any bugs.

    It was excited and my team were the ones who developed and designed it. I just made it work. But I don't really maintain it much anymore. My team stopped using it a while ago and while there was some discussion to build in new features… I just didn't see a need as they were using it less.

    I mainly use it for my own projects when I work for clients to keep track of my time commitment. It can be used as a time invoice. So you hit the start button and it logs your time in and you leave yourself a note.

    It might be outdated and not work on some browsers, but it still works for me on Google Chrome. A few of my friends sometimes use it to to keep track of time. But when I was developing it, I never build anything specifically branded to something, so I created it as a generic time tracker, and anyone can use it.


  4. roland35

    I've built a tool to perform automated testing of hardware using Robot Framework. Despite the name Robot Framework it actually isn't really targeted at robotics, but it ends up working out well since you can write your own Python interface libraries!

    I've used this method to create automated tests for a variety of projects including industrial machinery, robots, and CAN-based vehicle controllers.

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